Physiotherapist helping older lady

Because Movement Matters…

Specialised aged care physiotherapy focuses on the challenges of later life. Physiotherapy can include pain management, manual (hands-on) manipulation and physical rehabilitation to return to normal function.

As we age, we may experience more musculoskeletal issues or an exacerbation of existing conditions. Additionally, neurological and cardiovascular issues can affect mobility and function as well. Specialised aged care physiotherapists can support reducing pain and improving mobility, thus preserving the quality of life.

Our Physiotherapists can support you with:

  • In-home physiotherapy
  • Mobility assessments and review
  • Exercise prescription and supervision
  • Manual handling training
  • Fall prevention programs
  • Post-hospital rehabilitation programs
  • Care planning with the family of loved ones
  • Residential home exercise programs
  • Pre-surgery exercise programs

Our Multidisciplinary allied health team work collaboratively with each other and other key stakeholders. If you have would like to enquire about our physiotherapy services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.