Personal Care

Personal Care Support Worker

There are many aspects that go into personal hygiene and grooming. Personal care is a generalised term to encompass all of the aspects to support a person to maintain personal hygiene and grooming. Personal care requires a delicate and comforting touch. The Amicare team is known for that!

Our team is highly experienced in providing personal care including bathing, showering, oral hygiene, nail care and continence management. At Amicare, we have a person-centred approach and value respect for the individual. Therefore, when we develop or are revising a personal care plan, we can guarantee that the plan honours you or your loved one and promotes independence and autonomy. In a residential setting, personal care is also performed with dedication and care, following agreed plans, policies, and procedures.

Personal care is a basic human right and here at Amicare, we see it as an honour to be able to care for someone and support their quality of living.